“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way” – John C. Maxwell

In the May 9, 2016 election, new leaders were selected to lead our hometown, Pamplona. A new history was made. The first ever lady town executive was elected, Hon. Arnie Angelica Parel Sampaga, RN, MD,. Obviously came from the generation of great leaders of the Sampagas. From her father Hon. Arsenio Z. Sampaga who served as a Municipal Mayor of Pamplona for three consecutive terms (1998 – 2007) and her brother Hon. Aaron P. Sampaga whom as well served as Municipal Mayor of Pamplona for 3 consecutive terms (2007 – 2016) Truly, it runs through their blood being a public servant of Pamplona.

The Oath taking ceremony gave honour to all elected officials in a grand red carpet presentation of which includes their respective lovedones. The event gave all of them the opportunity to present themselves in public to give a meaningfull and heartwarming expression of gratitude and seek guidance from our dear Creator to serve the people accordingly.

Rev. Fr. Yakobus Sanbico, SVD, the parish priest and his assistant, Rev. Fr. Ludivicus Mamu-Patem officiated the special mass of thanksgiving. The homily reminded all of them about the real responsibilities and attributes of a public servant. It emphasized the power entrusted to them should be for the service of all Pamplonenos. The opening prayer fervently asked God Almighty to guide all the officials as they lead Pamplona into progress, to work in unity and for the people to support them.

The oath was administered by Judge Ma. Teresa Ruiz. It was beautifully executed. Each officials provided a speech of which a promise to faithfully discharge their duties, support and defend the interest of the town was highlighted. A ceremonial signing of the “Panunumpa sa katungkulan” was joined and celebrated on a separate venue. Families, friends and townspeople witnessed this very significant event in the history of Pamplona.


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