Pre-ELA 2016

Capacity development, comprehensive development plan and Executive & Legislative Agenda

Pre-Executive & Legislative Agenda held last November 3-4, 2016 at 3rd floor of Rural Health Unit-Birthing Center Building, LGU-Pamplona, Cagayan Valley

With the joint effort from Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) – Provincial Office and Local Government Unit (LGU) of Pamplona, the five development sectors of LGU-Pamplona that includes Social, Environment, Economic, Infrastructure and Institutional Sectors convened last November 3-4, 2016 at 3rd floor of Rural Health Unit-Birthing Center Building of LGU-Pamplona, Cagayan for the Pre-Executive & Legislative Agenda.

Mr. Luiz Udanga-Cluster Officer, Ms. Elyal Bumagat-MLGOO of Allacapan (lecturers) and Mrs. Dahlia Flores (MLGOO-Pamplona) took determination to schedule the activity.

The Local Chief Executive, Dr. Arnie Angelica P. Sampaga, welcomes the body and said that “…we are gathered here to identify, access and come-up in a challenging solution to improve quality of life of all Pamploneños for year 2016-2019 and onward…”

Part of the Pre-ELA was setting of vision that is characterized by long-term, inspiring and easily understood.  Everyone in the community is responsible in doing it.

“Follow the lead of successful people and view failure as a learning process on the way to success”.

Social sectors take account of Municipal and Social Development (MSWD), Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP), Philippine National Police (PNP), Municipal Health Office (MHO), Department of Education (Dep-Ed),  Municipal Civil Registrar (MCR) and Non-Government Organization (NGOs).  Environment sectors that concerns on environment and waste management includes General Services Officer (GSO).  Economic sector was grouped of Municipal Treasury Office (MTO), Municipal Agriculture Office (MAO) and Municipal Assessor (MA). Infrastructure sectors was composed of Chairman on Committee on Infrastructure and Municipal Engineer. While the Institutional Sectors was headed by the LCE, Vice Mayor, other SB Members, Municipal Budget, Municipal Accountant, and LIGA ng mga Barangay President.  MPDC and Municipal Engineer deals with all sectors that have projects and needs planning.

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